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Welcome to Johnson's Depot

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This website is dedicated to past, current, and future residents of Johnson City, Tennessee as well as folks that are just fans of the city and local history. The site documents the early history of Johnson City, its unique railroad roots, and current restoration efforts underway in the "Johnson's Depot Historic District" and vicinity which involve the reconstruction of portions of the City to the character of a late 19th-early 20th Century Railroad Town.

Check back often as photo galleries, reports and documents, and various scanned memorabilia are being added to the site constantly. Mayor Johnson invites you to become a part of his community whether via the web or as a visitor to or resident of Johnson's Depot.

In the 1850s, Henry Johnson (former "Blue Plum" postmaster) located a store along the proposed path of the East Tennessee and Virginia Railway which seemed a promising spot to start a new business. Quite the entrepreneur, Henry established a water tank for the trains, a Post Office, provided lodging for travelers, and the first railroad depot serving passengers and freight for the area. In 1869, the community called "Johnson's Depot" was incorporated by the State of Tennessee as Johnson City, Tennessee. Henry Johnson was the unanimous choice for the City's first Mayor garnering all 60 votes cast by the Town's registered (male) voters.

Henry Johnson could not have envisioned how strategic the site of his new store was; as it would become the future Appalachian Crossroads, a major railroad junction for a three-state area and today is home for a city of 60,000 population. Take a journey through time with us and enjoy the stories, images, and events originating from Johnson's Depot and Johnson City, Tennessee including a few tales that previous generations did not want told.


Greetings from Mayor
Henry Johnson

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