Johnson City Tennessee Logo by LaDonna Hilton Postcards
Vol. 4
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Aerial View of Johnson City

Ted Laws - Southern Railway Scene

Ted Laws - Railway Night Scene

Lady of the Fountain - Night View
by Ted Laws

Black and White View

Windsor Hotel - Night View
by Ted Laws
Black and White View

Fountain Square - Night View
by Ted Laws
Black and White View

Memorial Hospital (1951 - 1980)
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Ted Laws - Southern Depot

Tri-City Airport
(2nd View)

Massengill Monument
Second View

Main Street - Early 1950s
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Main Street - Late 1950s

Mountain Home at Night

VA - Mountain Home Collage

Mountain Home Cemetery
Tourism Collage of Local Scenes

UT Football Stadium - Knoxville
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UT vs. Florida: 1928 Ticket

Tourism Folder 1950s

Washington County Courthouse
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John Sevier Hotel - 1940s
John Sevier Ad - 1958

First Methodist Church

Steve Spurrier Football Card

Tweetsie Glory
Painting by Don Iverson

John Majors Football Card
UT Historic Gameday Programs
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Johnson City's Historic Fountain Square

Painting by Johnson City native Ted Laws of Southern Railway Depot

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Sources - Archives of Appalachia; Local Collections: Skip Oldham; Bill Fox; Alan Bridwell, Mel Broyles

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World War II was the high water mark for passenger rail services in the United States. During the 1950s and 1960s, competition with automobile travel and the airline industry as well as railway company decisions to concentrate on the lucrative freight portion of their business, contributed to gradual ridership declines and cutbacks in rail passenger services. Many depots were sold or abandoned. The Southern Railway station in Johnson City, for example, was demolished in 1972 following termination of passenger services in 1970.

While many later postcard issues tended to feature travel services such as motels and restaurants rather than public buildings or street scenes, some of Johnson City's best railway and historic scenes were created in the 1980s by local artist Ted Laws. Ted, who began his painting career at the age of 72, repainted railway images he remembered as a youth in Johnson City in the golden era of railroading and he continued to paint impressive "train" scenes the remaining 10 years of his life. Several of Ted's paintings seem to depict a father with a small boy and I wonder if this could represent Ted with his dad.

Quoting Ted Laws' son Leo: "The trains and steam engines brought back a time in dad's life of good memories, less hectic and easier times. He made a lot of friends in the railroad industry when they were an everyday way of life around here, and I truly think that was what inspired him to paint like he did. He truly enjoyed it, and mom always said that she was thrilled that God gave daddy something he loved to do.”

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