Johnson City, Tennessee  
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Hustling Crowd - 1958
"West Main Street "

Christmas Parade - 1958

Decorations - Looking West on Main

"Window Shopping"

Downtown Decorations - 1958

Beckner's Jewelry Store
Canine Rivalry

Santa works the Crowd

Toys for Tots - 1958

Holiday Traffic Congestion

The Langston High Band

Free Service Tire Store

1951 Washington County License Plate

Broadway Court Restaurant

Byrd's 101 East Market Street

Byrd's Restaurant Inside
Byrd's Restaurant

Willow Spring Dairy
Dairy Collage

U.S. 23 Kingsport Highway

Derby Grill - 1958
West Market Street
Ashtray from Derby Grill

Buffalo Street

Windsor Hotel

Dixie Restaurant

Greg's Pizza

The Peerless Steak House

Henry's Carry Out
West Walnut Street
Pat Cosby Overlooking Downtown

VAMC Campus. Aerial Postcard

Veterans Admin. Aerial View

Veterans Admin. Aerial Postcard

Downtown Aerial 1950s - John Sevier Hotel in left middle of photo
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Sources - Archives of Appalachia, Johnson City Press Collection
Archives of Appalachia, Norma Myers
Johnson City Public Library, Tennessee Reading Room Collection
Private Collections: Joe Wilson, P.C. Snapp, Alan Bridwell

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Unsolved Mysteries of Johnson City, Tennessee Reranked:
Lost State of Franklin Moves UP
Montrose Court -
Tunnels/Escape Routes.
Dates the legendary bluesman stayed or lived (?) in Johnson City as recounted
by Walter Davis.
Could the State of Franklin been successfully organized as the 14th state if approved by the Continental Congress?
Carnegie link with 1880s
Johnson City Railroad Barons.
Little Chicago
Who was the primary local connection with
Al Capone?
Was a cash offer made to Johnson City to change its name to "Carnegie"?
Was Al Capone in Johnson City the week of the Massacre and a particpant in the gangland slaying a local resident?
Why was this valuable estate virtually abandoned for decades?
Henry Johnson
Was Johnson City's Founder Henry Johnson actually related to Andrew Johnson as descendants claimed in the 1930s?
Confederate Martial Law Garrisoning of Troops
Circumstances of Confederate troops being camped at Johnson's Depot to quell vigilante raids by Union sympathizers.
Note: The former Swingle Hospital (photos below)
was demolished in 2010.
Swingle Hospital
Swingle Front Entrance
Swingle Hospital 1940s
Rear of Hospital


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