Johnson City Tennessee Logo by LaDonna Hilton Postcards
Vol. 1
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Main Street - Early 1900s
Back of Card

Main Street - 1900

Carnegie Hotel 1891 - 1910
Second Card
Envelope from Carnegie Hotel
Reconstructed: 2001

Main Street - 1903
Wider View Card

Fountain Square with
"Lady of the Fountain Statue"
Fountain Square Album

Main Street - 1903
Back of Card

Cranberry Furnace
History of Furnace

Watauga Avenue from Roan Street

Back of Card

St. Johns Episcopal Church
Roan Street / Second View
Back of Card

Arlington Hotel

Piedmont House Saloon
Back of Card

Soldiers Home Hospital
Back of Card

Munsey Methodist Church
1908 - 1955
Another View : Third View
Church with W.E. Munsey Photo
Biography of William E. Munsey

Rare Early Color Postcard
Main Street

Main Street - Early 1900s

Soldiers Home Grounds
Back of Card

Penny Postcard - 1893
1894 Bank Envelope

Greetings - 1905
Back of Card
R-Rated Greetings

Soldiers Home Grounds

National Soldiers Home
Additional Soldiers Home Postcards

Lake Brownlow - Soldiers Home
Second View

First Christian Church

Fountain Square with Hotel Pardue
Menu from Pardue Lunch Counter

Hotel Pardue (Windsor)
Back of Card

First Methodist Church 1907-1928
(Site of Present King's Building)
Black and White Postcard

S.H. Kress Company

Fountain Square in Color

Distance View - 1909

A Summer Evening.... 1905

Wash. County Courthouse
Back of Card

Doe River Gorge - ET&WNC Railroad
Back of Card

Tennessee National Bank

South and Western Railroad
(Later Clinchfield Railway)
Back of Card

Watauga Avenue

Dam and Power House

Main Street 1908

Souvenir Folder

Clinchfield Products

Miller Brothers Flooring
Miller Brothers Lumber
Miller Brothers Label
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Johnson City's Historic Fountain Square

Postcard of Fountain Square around 1900: Night View

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Sources - Archives of Appalachia; Local Collections: Skip Oldham, Georgia Sluder. Bill Fox. Bob Cox, Mel Broyles, Sandra Street

Johnson City, Tennessee was the subject of an amazing number of postcards depicting the City's early development. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, postcards became a major means of communication in the United States reflecting the emergence of good postal service, the advent of photography, and an emerging travel industry made possible by the railroads. The first two decades of the 20th century are often considered the "golden age" of postcards, and this period coincided with the zenith of rail passenger travel in America. It was common for railway passengers to send postcards to friends or family to communicate their travel progress or just to stay in contact. Familiar subjects for Johnson City were the National Soldiers Home, churches, railway depots, hotels, industrial scenes (a sign of prosperity) and views of Main Street and Fountain Square. As a regional railway center as well as home to 3,000 veterans at the Soldiers Home, a thriving demand for postcards of the period is evident by the number of issues published. People tended to keep postcards as mementos rather than throw them away and they remain popular collectibles today.

The collection exhibited online here at Johnson's Depot represents a shared effort by a group of local historians and collectors of postcards and memorabilia. Check back often as more items are constantly being added to the scanned online collection.
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