National Soldiers Home - Photos Vol.3


Rose Garden

Rose Circle

Flower House

Daily Lowering of Flag Ceremony


Hotel and Post Office

Great Dining Hall

Pet Bear from Zoo

Dining Hall - Interior

Breakfast Time at the National Soldiers Home

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Source - James H. Quillen VA Medical Center Historical Collection

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For the initial group of approximately 3,000 Civil War and Spanish American War veterans admitted to the Mountain Branch of the National Soldiers Home, a wide variety of activities were available. Each man that was able was expected to work and the goal of each Branch of the Soldiers Home was to be as self-sufficient as possible. Soldiers were organized into companies and issued uniforms for clothing.

The Home had its own food supply with a dairy farm and agricultural area to grow crops. The daily menu was designed for maximum nutritional value. The campus included its own zoo and hotel and the variety of activities available made the facility quite a tourist and regional recreation attraction for its time. The daily lowering of the flag ceremony at the end of the day was quite impressive. Living in such unique and beautiful surroundings did not come without some personal accommodations by each enrollee. Curfew was at 9:00 P.M. and persons unwilling to follow the rules of the station would be dismissed from the Home or confined to the jail.

Ceremonial Parade Grounds


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