National Soldiers Home - Photos Vol.2


West Lake (Later Removed)

Soldiers Home Headquarters

Barracks No. 1

"The Powerhouse"

Hospital Courtyard

Barracks No. 2

Funeral -1905


New Street Extensions

The "Mountain View" from the Mountain Branch of the Soldiers Home

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Source - James H. Quillen VA Medical Center Historical Collection

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One of the main differences between the Mountain Branch of the National Soldiers Home in contrast with previously built Homes was the master planning of the entire campus. A national competition to select an architect was held and J.H.Freedlander from New York submitted the winning design. The embellishment of the grounds received all the skill known to the landscape architect. Two lakes were formed with fountains located in the center of each. Many varieties of trees were planted in artistic arrangements and aside from the contract for buildings and equipment, the grading, landscape gardening, walks, botanical display and fountains cost $250,000 (an astounding sum for its time). The beautiful French architecture complimented by the landscaping and natural mountain setting made the Johnson City Branch the "grandest home on the American continent," as described in 1904 by Leslie's Magazine.
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