Mayor Henry Johnson

Effective: October 15, 2005
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WHEREAS, a major railroad exhibit (named Appalachian Summer)was opened and dedicated on October 15, 2005 at the Tipton-Haynes Historic Site located at 2620 South Roan Street in beautiful Johnson City, Tennessee, and;

WHEREAS, this exhibit represents thousands of hours of work effort by the Mountain Empire Modular Railroaders and other volunteers interested in preserving the area's railroad history, and;

WHEREAS, Noted Attorney and CSA Senator Landon Carter Haynes (1816-1875) was one of the main promoters of the East Tennessee and Virginia Railroad(present Norfolk Southern Railway) which first brought rail service to Washington County, Tennessee, and;

WHEREAS, the village of Johnson's Depot was temporarily known as "Haynesville" during the Civil War in honor of Confederate Senator Haynes but the name was changed back to recognize the Honorable Henry Johnson after Union armies chased out the Confederates (and all old grudges are hereby forgiven and forgotten), and;

WHEREAS, Landon Carter Haynes loved East Tennessee but moved to Memphis following the war and never was properly recognized for his pioneering work in bringing the railroads to East Tennessee and without the work of Sen. L. C. Haynes - Johnson's Depot and possibly Johnson City might never had reason to exist.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Saturday, October 15, 2005 is hereby declared as Landon Carter Haynes Day at Johnson's Depot and the public is invited to the Tipton-Haynes Farm to view this great railroad exhibit which will be on display through 2006.

More information is available at the and websites and thanks for making the "Grub with the Gandy Dancers" event a great success. By the way, a "Gandy Dancer" is a slang term identifying workers laying railroad track.



Resolution No. 2005_001
Henry Johnson Associates

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