The Cy Crumley Scrapbook
ET&WNC Railroad

Tour 20: Doe River Gorge 2006


In June 2006, the ET&WNC Historical Society toured the Doe River Gorge as part of the annual convention festivities. The unspoiled scenery along the restored (and yet to be restored) portions of the ET&WNC railway line is a site that photography really cannot capture but this is an attempt.
Click here for Dan Stenger's video of the Gorge in 2006.


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The scenic Doe River Gorge is accessible and viewable by narrow gauge rail cars today due to the work of ET&WNC enthusiasts and the support of the Doe River Gorge Christian Camp. Please obtain permission at the camp office to walk or hike into the Gorge along the railway.



Entering the Gorge you are amazed by the proximity of the narrow gauge tracks to the rock walls and how the original construction proceeded through this wilderness area.


At Pardee Point, the famous retaining wall built by George Hardin comes into view as well as the cliffs above. Looking down into the river, you can picture the effect the trip on the original Tweetsie must have had on tourists and excursionists from the 19th and early 20th Centuries.


As the section passable by railcars ends, you are entering the "ghost railroad" part of the hike. Sections are blocked by trees or rockslides, and vegetation is attempting to reclaim the legendary right-of-way and tracks.


The end of the line for this tour was the ancient bridge near the old rail stop called Blevins, Tennessee. The abandoned bridge still towers proudly over the river having not been used since 1950. Below a deer is spotted in the river and on the return trip to the camp, a variety of impressive views of the majestic Gorge are offered. The old brochures proclaiming the Tweetsie as one of the most scenic railways in North America were certainly not overstating the case.....



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